The Will of God II - 2 Peter 1:3

June 2, 2017

Listen as Pastor Darrell ministers on the will of God.  Pastor teaches that to know God's will for us, we need to know Him.  This is a great study that will certainly arm you with some knowledge to lead you closer to God.  To learn more about Pastor Darrell's ministry please visit us at:



How His Life Shook the World - Matthew 28:6

May 29, 2017

In this Sunday sermon, Jon ministers from when Jesus was arrested and near his trial.  Jon explains the prophesy and circumstances surrounding this part of his life.  This is a foundational sermon that we hope you enjoy.  May God bless you.



Rehoboam’s Counselors 1 Kings 12:8

May 26, 2017

We all make decisions.  In this Bible study Pastor Darrell ministers on how we are a product of decisions we made in yesterday.  Listen to Rehoboam's situation and see what you can apply to your own life.  We hope this study is a blessing to you!



There is a Difference Matthew 24:37-43

May 20, 2017

In this Sunday service Jon Brueggemann ministers on the events of the end times.  He also shows through scripture how God protects his children when He pours his wrath out on the Earth.  We hope you find this teaching to be a blessing.


The Ten Commandments - Deuteronomy 5:1-21

May 14, 2017

In this Bible study Pastor Darrell ministers on The Ten Commandments.  Listen as he explains where they come from in scripture.  This is a great teaching and we hope it blesses you.



Which Voice Will You Listen To? Romans 10:17

May 13, 2017

Listen as Jon teaches about the fall of Jericho.  This is a great teaching illustrating how we serve a God that can handle any of our problems regardless of their size.  Which voice will you listen to?  Can you believe all things are possible?  We hope this teaching is a blessing to you!


God Uses People Part III

May 5, 2017

This is the third episode of how God Uses People from Jon Brueggemann.  In this study, Jon shows that when God needs something done, he calls on His people for help.  Listen to Jon as teaches on Jonah, Moses, Noah and others.  This is a great Bible study that reminds us that God uses us too!  Have a blessed week!


Questions and Answers on Scripture V 1Peter 3:15

May 2, 2017

This Tuesday night potluck Bible study is the fifth session in a series of Questions and Answers on Scripture.  This is a very valuable teaching on how to initiate discussions with others on faith in Jesus.  Pastor Darrell speaks from his own experiences of the kind of circumstances that has allowed him to lead people to Christ.   We hope you find this study to be a blessing!


Questions and Answers on Scripture IV 1Peter 3:15

April 27, 2017

In this fourth session on Question and Answer on Scripture Pastor Darrell tackles some great questions.  For example, he makes a good suggestion on how to read through your Bible.  He gives details on how to lead someone to accept Jesus.  Pastor also answers the question whether a believer can lose their salvation.  We hope this study helps answers some of your questions.


Questions and Answers on Scripture III 1Peter 3:15

April 23, 2017

This is the third session in a series where Pastor Darrell is answering questions he has collected from people.  We hope this series may answer some of your questions as well as prepare you in case someone were to ask you a question about your faith in Jesus.