In the Fullness of Time - Galatians 4:4

January 16, 2018

Listen as Pastor Darrell teaches about the Fullness of Time.  Why did Jesus come to Earth when he did?  Why does God do things at particular times?  These are some of the questions Pastor goes over in this lesson.  We hope you have a blessed week!


Lessons Learned in the Son Anak - James 4:17

January 3, 2018

Listen as Jon teaches on the sons of Anak.  Jon points out when you have God’s provision that nothing is impossible.  Jon preaches a great lesson on dealing with issues and challenges as well.  Take a listen, you will not be disappointed.  Have a blessed week!


Gods Needs Just One - Ezekiel 22:30

December 29, 2017

In this message, Jon goes over a number of scriptures that shows how God only needs one righteous person to work His plan.  This is a great study that shows God's vastness and almighty power.  Jon does a great job explaining many questions that come up in everyday conversations.  


Christ Is Born - Luke 2:11-12

December 22, 2017

As we approach Christmas, take a few minutes to listen to Pastor Darrell teach on the birth of Jesus.  This is a great study that will certainly get your mind focused on the King.  Merry Christmas from everyone at Revival Tabernacle, King of Kings and the Gospel Lighthouse in southeast Nebraska!


Parable of the Rich Fool - Luke 12:13-21

December 6, 2017

In this Tuesday night's Bible Study, Pastor Darrell teaches on the parable of the rich fool.  He asks the simple question whether you have posessions or do your possessions have you?  This is a great study that I'm sure you will find to be a blessing.



Who Do Men Say I Am - Matthew 16:13-16

December 1, 2017

Listen to Pastor Darrell as he teaches on these few verses of Scripture.  Who do men say that I am?  Pastor packs a lot into this study.  We hope you find it to be a blessing.



His Transfiguration - Matthew 17:1-5

November 22, 2017

In this study, Jon Brueggemann teaches on the time around the transfiguration of Jesus Christ.  Jon does a great job painting pictures in our minds so we can learn and remember.  Have a blessed week!



Jesus Eternal For All Time

November 8, 2017

In this Tuesday night Bible study, Jon Brueggemann discusses certain beliefs of Abraham’s descendants.  Jon gives Jesus’ views on these beliefs.  Give this Bible study a listen and you will be inspired to learn more.  I’m sure you will find it a blessing. 


The Immensity of God’s Love - Kenya Report 10-22-17

October 31, 2017

In this Sunday sermon, Pastor Darrell gives a report on his trip to Kenya.  It is great to hear how God is using our gifts to promote his Kingdom over in Africa.  Following the report Pastor ministers on God's love for us.  We hope you find this message to be a blessing.


Sons of God in a Sinful World - Philippians 2:15

October 20, 2017

In this teaching Pastor Darrell ministers from the book of Philippians.  This is one of Paul’s prison epistles.  The heart of this sermon gives wisdom on how to live a Godly life in this crazy world we live in.  We hope you find this message to be a blessing to you.